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Growth Strategy Consultant Susan Spaulding Published an e-Book, Engage: The Power and Profit of Facilitating Collaboration, a primer on how to engage others in solving problems, generating new ideas and creating success.

This e-Book contains key ingredients to help you achieve business results, whether you are a professional facilitator, corporate executive or budding entrepreneur. It is a primer for how to engage others in creating success.

Specifically, the e-Book describes what it takes to be a master facilitator, how to effectively facilitate work groups whether it is to solve a business problem or generate new ideas, what tools and techniques might be useful and how to move from insights to ideas and strategies never ending a session without a roadmap.

Spaulding, a visionary strategist and market consultant, has consistently delivered deep insights, disruptive ideas and game-changing strategies to accelerate business and brand growth.

“ Too many businesses fail to leverage their teams in the process of problem solving, planning and ideation and therefore may miss opportunities to involve their talent in helping recalibrate for growth. I truly believe that a commitment to engaging your workforce and your customer will ensure a competitive advantage critical to sustainable growth”

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