When should I consider Recalibrate Strategies?

When you need to…

  • Differentiate your brand from others
  • Untangle your brand architecture
  • Engage your team to be brand ambassadors
  • Activate and implement change management
  • Gain a greater share of wallet
  • Make sense of today’s information overload
  • Understand new competition
  • Deepen existing customer relationships
  • Launch new customer relationships
  • Elevate the customer experience
  • Fill the pipeline with opportunities
What does Recalibrate Strategies do?

Recalibrate Strategies approach is market driven. With any engagement, Recalibrate Strategies starts with what is known and what additional information is needed to make informed decisions. Recalibrate Strategies will help to examine and synthesize information from many different data sources including transactional, behavioral and attitudinal data.

A cornerstone of what Recalibrate Strategies does is to establish a collaborative approach to idea generation and strategy development. It is the strong belief that the organization must be fully engaged in the process in order to identity and own opportunities for growth.

How is Recalibrate Strategies different from a management consultant?

The principal of Recalibrate Strategies is an exceptional facilitator engaging the organization in the process. Recalibrate Strategies is market driven in its approach therefore will engage influencers and consumers early and often.

Specific expertise areas include: marketing, brand and innovation. Recalibrate Strategies will reach out to specialists when operational change or organizational development is needed.

How is Recalibrate Strategies different from a market research firm?

The principal of Recalibrate Strategies is recognized within the market research industry as a global leaders based on prior ownership of market research firms and CASRO Board participation.

A market research firm’s primary focus is conducting and analyzing market research. The work is typically project based and specific to a particular need.

Recalibrate Strategies uses market research as a means to guide idea generation and strategy development. We will work with you to plan what is needed and to uncover from the information gathered, what are opportunities for growth.

Recalibrate Strategies has a strong network of market research resources to tap based on the need.

Will Recalibrate Strategies handle the market research needed?

Yes, Recalibrate Strategies will design, manage, analyze and report on whatever market research is needed. In addition, Recalibrate Strategies facilitators will moderate qualitative research. Recalibrate Strategies will also work with existing market research to integrate the learning already gained.

What does Recalibrate Strategies know about brand?

The Recalibrate Strategies leadership has been helping clients shape their brand strategy for decades. Whether the organization is introducing a new brand, refreshing an existing brand or taking a hard look at the brand portfolio and the roles each brand plays, Recalibrate Strategies is systematic in defining what the brands stand for today and what the brands can stand for in the future.

What does Recalibrate Strategies know about innovation?

The principal of Recalibrate Strategies started her career working for an agency nationally recognized as a new product ideation firm. Since then, she has helped numerous companies adopt a consumer driven process of discovery, exploration and evaluation. As a facilitator, Susan is experienced in disruption, Six Thinking Hats and Creative Problem Solving.

How is Recalibrate Strategies able to consult with me on marketing strategy?

The Recalibrate Strategies leadership has decades of experience working with clients on many different aspects of an organization’s marketing needs. In addition, Recalibrate Strategies is a licensee of the Duct Tape Market System which is an invaluable system and source for the latest trends in effective and efficient marketing activities.

Will Recalibrate Strategies implement the marketing activities that are needed?

Recalibrate Strategies’ focus is strategy development. However, through the Duct Tape Marketing network and other relationships, Recalibrate Strategies can recommend the resources needed and/or oversee the implementation of activities

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing is a system that takes you through a series of meetings to install a marketing system for your business. The Duct Tape Marketing system and point of view was built on the audacious idea of changing the way small business views and implements marketing. Duct Tape Marketing is a game-changing approach that brings forth the idea of marketing as a step-by-step system that produces predictable and consistent results.

The Duct Tape Marketing Point of View:
  • Develop strategy before tactics
  • Embrace the Marketing Hourglass™
  • Adopt a publishing model
  • Create a total web presence
  • Orchestrate a lead generation trio
  • Drive a lead conversion system
  • Live by the marketing calendar
How does Recalibrate Strategies charge for services?

Our preference is a short-term monthly retainer so that our time is committed to you. While we will track our time, you will find that the investment of time and the value received far exceeds the retainer established.

We will also work on a project basis. A quoted fee will be submitted and authorized before any work begins.

If there are out-of-pocket expenses involved, they will be passed through without mark-up.

How can I sample what Recalibrate Strategies does?

Take a quick dive.

Who: Those overwhelmed with information, and underwhelmed by the outcomes of the planning and strategy process.

What: A 90- minute Quick Dive Session to generate immediate ideas and strategies

When: Twice a month Where: By phone or video conference

Why: Break the monotony, shift gears and focus on the priority at hand

How: Complete a REDe assessment (10 questions). Recalibrate Strategies sends you a proprietary visual lab report. You choose where you want to focus and provide relevant background. Recalibrate Strategies facilitate a quick dive into the topic with a promise of up to 10 suggestions for the business direction you need.

How Much: A trial 90-minute Quick Dive Session is $395.



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