From the corner drug store to bioscience and from the piggy bank to well-rounded portfolios

Health and wellbeing takes into consideration physical, mental and financial success factors.  Recalibrate Strategies understands everyday consumer needs as well as the push for continued breakthroughs.

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Health & Wellbeing Case Studies

Category Leadership


As the leader in the financial services space for their target population, the firm recognized the need to look for ways to maintain that leadership position.


Many conversations with customers and prospects alike were held engaging them in the idea generation of how the relationship could expand.


It was a revelation to management in the recognition that the relationship could be much more than selling money. Strategies oriented towards helping the customer succeed in growing the business and increasing profitability were defined. Specific guidelines were adopted in regards to the customer experience throughout the organization.
A series of lunch and learn sessions were developed to engage the frontline relationship managers:

  • Define what was included in the Customer Experience.
  • Encourage thinking around customer experiences from the team member’s perspective.
  • Learn how the Customer Experience was manifested in product, brand and service.


Raising the Bar on Customer Experience


As a leader in the employee benefits marketplace, the insurance organization recognized the need to improve the online customer experience.


Scanning for what is new in digital experience and how habits and expectations continue to evolve, two different teams were convened to generate many ideas of what the ideal experience could be.


Ideas were prioritized and concepts were developed. A roadmap for implementation was created and changes are in the works.

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