Susan Spaulding

What’s the difference between market information and a market strategy? Real, tangible results.

Finding the point at which information about your brand and market becomes part of a pragmatic solution is critical for your business. Getting to that point is what drives Susan Spaulding’s work as a business strategist, innovative marketing consultant, and master facilitator at Recalibrate Strategies.

Using her expertise gleaned from a thirty-year consulting career in marketing research and communications, Susan’s clients have generated sales, cultivated world-renowned brands, and sustained thriving businesses.

Susan leverages insights about a business, its brands, its customers, and the market into practical understanding that truly informs decisions about a business. By blending voices from customers, prospects, influentials, management and its workforce, she applies her savvy on human behavior and the marketplace to find the best possible solution to get you tangible results.

By offering a collaborative partnership, Susan delivers a clear path to great outcomes for her clients. Whether you are establishing a new brand, cultivating new markets, or interested in recalibrating for personal and business success, Susan specializes in engineering accelerated growth based on sound insights.

Susan is an award-winning businesswoman, consultant, and published author. Recalibrate Strategies, LLC was founded immediately upon leaving her partnership position in a top 50 global marketing research firm where she had merged her brand performance consulting firm, Market Directions.

Recalibrate for Life 2.0 is her most recent (soon to be published) book. It is focused on the stories of Business Leaders in search of Life 2.0. Susan utilizes a simple, but powerful set of tools for helping others recalibrate for a deeper sense of self and purpose.


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