Our consulting and facilitation services are categorized into three broad areas: Insights, Ideas, and Strategies.


Recalibrate Strategies works with you to assess what will drive growth and connection with your customers. An assessment comprises an extensive review of an existing client organization, brand, products and/or services to determine steps needed for improved growth and performance.

Assessments may include:

  • Brand Communications
    • Review all touchpoints relative to brand strategy and differentiation with recommendations for recalibration
  • Product portfolio
    • Review of sales data, consumer data and market influencers to identify the health of the portfolio and whitespace possibilities
  • Brand Architecture
    • Review of the current architecture and a recipe for more fully leveraging the equities of the brands
  • Organization alignment
    • Interviews with executives and workforce to assess organization effectiveness
    • Recommendations for areas of recalibration

Recalibrate Strategies designs, coordinates, facilitates and reports on all ideas created through the application of proven methods including Creative Problem Solving, Disruption, Six Thinking Hats and Blue Ocean. Opportunities for ideation include:

  • Recalibrating the brand promise and message
  • Changing your touchpoints to increase relevance
  • Developing new product concepts
  • Reframing customer service
  • Discovering operating efficiencies
  • Creating internal brand ambassadors
  • Improving customers’ digital experience

Recalibrate Strategies works with Senior Leadership, Advisory Boards and specific teams in facilitating meetings that will capture an invaluable source of ideas and expertise and focus resources to meet organizational goals.

Business Strategy: Ensuring the organization is clear on its vision, mission, core values and strategic imperatives:

  • Gain alignment on goals
  • Develop a pathway required to meet the goals
  • Energize
  • Bring accountability

Brand Strategy: Ensuring your brand is being expressed so that it is relevant, differentiated and engaging at every touchpoint.

  • Find and develop your ideal customer
  • Clarify your vision, mission and core values
  • Uncover and leverage your points of differentiation and value
  • Develop the message strategy
  • Develop the touchpoint strategy

Innovation Strategy: Introducing and/or recalibrating the innovation engine within a company to be market driven and increase commercialization success:

  • Introduce/reinforce an innovation discipline and culture
  • Engage cross-functional teams including the consumer
  • Facilitate new ideas aligned with strategic imperatives
  • Develop a roadmap for implementation

Strategy plan on a blackboard


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